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Shikshangan came into existence in 2008 with a mission of helping schools become more effective schools, where every child is ensured good learning. We define 'good learning' as a classroom transaction that is able to move the students away from rote memorisation of concepts, replacing this with cognitive skills of comprehension, analysis, evaluation and application of classroom learning to real life situations. We achieve this by building professional competence of teachers and school leaders. Shikshangan lays great emphasis on professional readings and this immersion in educational literature has enabled the development of our cutting edge training modules and coaching programs for teachers and school leaders. Shikshangan also engages in a deeper engagement with individual schools to understand their readiness to deliver good learning, by carrying out an evaluation of schools.

Meet the Founders

Devika Nadig

Devika Nadig, Co-founder and Director of Shikshangan; has done her Masters in English Literature, and Bachelor of Education from Bombay University. She started her career as teacher of English & History, then went on to head a large group of schools in Pune for more than decade. Her journey in teacher training started in 2003 and is focused on the pursuit of excellence in teacher education, which she describes as a journey without an end.

Vijay Gupta

Vijay Gupta, co-founder and Director of Shikshangan; has done his Bachelors in Engineering from IIT, Kanpur and Masters in Management from IIM, Bangalore. He has worked with corporates for more than 20 years, including with Wipro. He has headed Wipro’s CSR effort, and has also worked with Azim Premji Foundation.

Past Project Highlights

Ambuja Cement

(2011 - 2017)

At Ambuja’s factories at Darlaghat (Himachal Pradesh), Dadri (UP), and Chandrapur (Maharashtra).

Ambuja Cement's CSR arm operates through Ambuja Cement Foundation. ACF has adopted Govt Schools in the vicinity of their cement factories, wherein pedagogical interventions are planned in order to enhance learning outcomes for the underserved students. Shikshangan was invited as an external expert agency to conduct an impact assessment of these interventions, in order to review the nature and frequency of these activities and propose new action plans .

Selaqui International School, Dehradun

(2017 - 2018)

Sity's Flagship School on the outskirts of Dehradun

Teachersity operates several CBSE affiliated schools under the brand name DPSG in the National Capital Region. Teachersity carried out a project of recruiting 25 bright post-graduates, who were keen to become teachers, and trained them for one year to be finally absorbed in DPSG schools. The project was conceived keeping in view the fact that BEd programs in general are not preparing competent teachers. Shikshangan supported the project by training the teacher trainees, along with other trainers. Shikshangan also trained the trainees on Action Research and supported each of them in carrying out an Action Research Project.

Takshila Education Society


4 Delhi Public Schools at Patna, Pune, Ludhiana and Coimbatore

Covid induced lockdown times were tough for schools from the perspective of keeping up the morale of the team high. We adopted the strategy of putting together a cohesive team of around 30 people from these 4 schools. This team had all four school heads, subject heads, coordinators and examination heads. Taking advantage of the lockdown, we had one online session every week at a fixed day/time. During this period, we helped the team: re-look at the syllabus across grades for each subject, prepare effective teaching plans based on latest research on how the human brain learns, and a process for continuous improvement.

Featured in Teacher Plus Magazine

A visit to the sacred city
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The first article in the series takes the readers to the temple town of Madurai, for enabling teachers of the TVS Schools to practice cutting edge pedagogy like the Activating Prior Knowledge,Jigsaw and Reciprocal Reading , Graphic Organisers, & Note Taking.

Infinity in solitude
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Time stood still and there seemed to be no rush to enter the place of worship for the author in Somnath. In the Ambuja school , a highly motivated teaching staff focused on the novel technique of Syllabus Mapping with an ardent desire to learn and grow.

Celebrating feminine energy
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This is the third stop for the author as she continues to travel and learn. Here she comes face to face with leaders of the Army Public Schools across the country. She visits the mysterious shrine of Goddess Kamakhya And imbibes the feminine energy that the shrine exudes.

Flight or Fight
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Another journey, another visit to a holy shrine, another adventure. This time the author is in the state of Gujarat, visiting a school in a Reliance township to train teachers in the best strategies for teaching mathematics. What does she encounter on this trip?

Marshmallow experiment
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The session on training students to manage impulsive behaviour highlighted the famous research known as the Marshmallow Experiment. How one can delay gratification and stay focused on one’s goals. Can teachers try this in their classrooms to change student behaviour?

Jewel in the crown
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In this month’s column, the author shares her tryst with the ancient city of Varanasi, and the visual treat of a resplendent Ganga Aarti. She also talks about the how Shikshangan’s Change Management module caught the attention of all the school heads from around Varanasi.

A tale of two Maitreyas
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After an exhausting week of training teachers from two schools on thinking skills, debating and discussing J. Krishnamoorthi and walking in the steps of the Buddha, Devika and Vijay decide to soak in the sights, sounds and handicrafts that Uttar Pradesh has to offer.

Essence is One
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Carol Dweck’s path breaking research on creating a Growth Mindset was the key training element in the city of the Nizams. The author discovers both Shiva and Allah amidst the pearls and the perfumes, and is at peace with herself to as she discovers oneness of all religions while being exposed to the essence of life.

The Toshali Sands of time
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Amidst the natural, religious and historic marvels of Puri, the author experienced both professional joy as she presented her framework for building High performing schools at a conference, and personal bliss as she visited Lord Jagannatha and explored the arts and crafts of Orissa.

A spinner of tales
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An arduous year spent in mentoring teacher trainees in the nuances of action research for effective teaching ; was capped with a reward of travels to Rishikesh and Haridwar rich with sublime experiences, the trip culminating memorably with the author’s  tete a tete with Ruskin Bond.

Bridges across the City of Joy
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Coaching teachers on 21st century skills and the famous 4 Cs  as outlined by the World Economic Forum we basked in the city of Joy-Calcutta. Sri Sri Academy has its own unique culture and so does Kolkata. We combined a professional assignment with memorable trips to unique places of cultural interest.

Wayfinding into the homeland and heartland
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This last article in the series takes its readers to Indore for enabling teachers coming back to school after a two-year pandemic break, face rising struggles with altered attitudes in students. The solution? Arthur Costa’s work on Habits of the Mind.

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