Mitra Saha


St Vivekananda Academy, Guwahati
For any program to be rated as effective and praiseworthy, the content and the delivery, both need to be superlative in nature. In view of this, Shikshangan Educational Initiatives deserves a 5-star rating. The content of the modules is curated and structured in a way, which if followed by educators, will bring about the much-desired changes in the classrooms. The examples put forward at every step of the module, immensely contributed to the understanding of the participants. The inimitable delivery, the ingenuous approach help achieve the purpose of the session in a scholarly way. The erudite speakers that both Devika Maam and Vijay Sir are, coupled with their delightful personality, their felicity with words and the offerings of knowledge and food for thought within the limited time span, ensure that the participants ascend the learning curve in an exponential manner.