Padma Negi


Billabong High International School
Integrating and incorporating a variety of strategies while teaching in classrooms in practice is always very challenging. Shikshangan made it effortless with the Effective Pedagogy module. It was a learning experience that was one of a kind. Strategies like Jigsaw, Summarising, and Note taking grasped the attention of every attendee. It provided my team with tools that are essential to teaching in this day and age. The content covers different aspects of the education industry and caters to individual profiles.
The style and knowledge of Devika and Vijay was totally amazing. Our experience with Shikshangan has been extremely fruitful, the discussions were particularly insightful allowing candidates of all ages and skills to grow personally and professionally. I am certain that I will continue my relationship with Shikshangan, for I can see a tangible ripple effect of growth and development in my school.