Dawood Vaid


Golden Sparrow Hub Schooling, Mumbai
A week in the hills. A couple teaching pedagogy. Uncertainty could well be the name of my week-long retreat. Yet, that one long week at Shikshangan was the most powerful educational journey I took. In Vijay, whom I consider very highly, I found a mentor who was so sure of himself. The gentle demeanour, willing to listen, respect that he gives – is the hallmark of a true educator. Devika is the perfect ally. Sound principles, no nonsense attitude, qualified and yet humble (a rare to find combo!), she was the ideal teacher in the classroom. Over the years, I have met, interacted, heard their workshops several more times, and every- time I found new lessons and a renewed hope in education. Bless you both and keep the wonderful work going. So here is what I recommend: If you have only a week left for your retirement from schools, still go ahead and join the Shikshangan course. It will change your attitude and some child’s world!