Rohit Varma

Chief Executive officer

NWW Ravenwood International School, Abohar
The workshop by Shikshangan was logically structured to not overwhelm anyone. Perfectly paced so that the three days were adequately rich without being taxing cognitively in terms of attention. Teachers loved” hands-on practice that was incorporated into the agenda. The workshops have motivated our teachers in the right direction. Teacher awareness was enhanced and with subsequent interactions and interventions, we are sure that they will get reinforced and will become a habit; thereby the school stands to benefit. Devika maam and Vijay sir kindled the minds of our teachers with active interaction and left the teacher spellbound. Once again a big thanks to Devika ma’am and Vijay sir for coming to Abohar and augmenting our teachers the knowledge, skills and new techniques of teaching to make the teaching learning process more enriching.